Il Poggio di Teo is a real corner of paradise, located among the wild woods of the Maremma, and has numerous walking paths, hills and a natural pond with fish and turtles.
This farmhouse amidst an unspoilt nature has plenty of fruit trees – such as apricot, hazelnut, pear, apple and cherry trees – which provide the delicious fruit we use to make our tasty jams. Our most important product is olive oil; with 700 olive trees of the Leccino and Frantoiano sorts, we produce a beautiful green oil that has a unique taste and aroma.
 We also have 5 hectares covered with lavender: a completely blue-flowered hill that is tended with great care by Alessandro. We use this lavender to produce essential oil and prepare our lovely perfumed sachets with dried flowers.

Flours and Pasta made in Poggio are finally available! It is a bronze drawn pasta, produced with our Semi-Integral Flour, ground stone and obtained with a mixture of ancient grains with a low gluten content.

Our totally natural vegetable patch, which includes a beautiful greenhouse, has become increasingly important because of its abundant produce that we use for our exquisite conserves. In our fields we grow wheat and spelt. Our natural products for direct sale include:

Extra virgin Olive Oil
Essential Lavender Oil
Lavender bags
Spelt and Cereals


You can buy the products at the on-site outlet, or by sending an e-mail to or order by phone at  +39/0564/620180

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