The Wellness area of Il Poggio di Teo is an elegant building, technologically advanced with a particular attention for the environment through its geothermal systems. The Finnish Sauna is made of wood from certified ecological plantations and benches of thermal wood.

The Turkish Bath with aromatherapy and balsamic essences as well as a charming play of lights. You will be surprised to enjoy the Emotional showers, amidst the color and water effects of the Tropical Rain, and to continue with the blue-light particles of the Cold Fog effect showerThe Whirlpool System is perfect for the relaxation of body and mind, thanks to the marvelous Whirlpool Bath with neck massaging waterfalls for cervical problems.

You can arrange and book your entrance time at the center with our staff; it is also possible to book massages on site.

Sometimes our guests prefer the intimacy of our Wellness Center – where you can also stay on your own – to the big spaces of the Spa of Saturnia.

Saltwater swimming pool: just have a swim in the big and splendid saltwater swimming pool.

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